Pallister's Privatization excuse: "the NDP did it too" - Doesn't Cut It

le 3 janvier, 2018

This is what a road worker who is losing his job because of Pallister's cuts says: "It's all the higher-ups that are secure.... They got their jobs, and then it's all of us grunt workers, basically, that are going to be losing it." There are three things that have to be pointed out about the decision to privatize seasonal road repair.
First, Pallister promised no front line cuts. People are losing their jobs.
Second, the government *used to* have to calculate whether private or public services would do a better job, but the PCs deliberately scrapped that process, because they didn't want proof they were wrong.
Third, the Pallister PCs are able to justify privatizing, outsourcing - like so many other bad moves - because the NDP did it too. Even while they say the NDP did nothing right!
We will not make this province better off by paying people less and laying them off. We need to focus on good Manitoba jobs and strong Manitoba businesses
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