Crime Concerns in St. Boniface

le 1 mai, 2019

In recent months, crime has been top of mind for many in St Boniface.

In April, I participated in community safety meetings in Central St. Boniface & Norwood West to discuss increased crime in our neighbourhoods and potential solutions to address the problem.

Many residents are experiencing property crime, whether that be break and enters, motor vehicle damage, or vandalism. Recently, a constituent called to inform me that thieves are going so far as to cut off the catalytic converter from underneath people's vehicles and selling it to scrap yards.

In Norwood West, for example, property crimes increased by 60 per cent in 2017, and in 2018, crime spiked 90 per cent from the year before. Property crime also increased significantly in Norwood East, North & Central St. Boniface from 2017-2018.

The recent spike in crime has been attributed to the rise of meth in our community. In Manitoba, we are experiencing a meth crisis that is not receiving the necessary attention from the provincial government to address the problem. The Pallister government's response to the meth crisis is like putting a band aid on a broken bone.

I have raised the meth crisis several times in the legislature. Most recently, I called on the Pallister government to create drug stabilization units to allow those who use illicit substances a safe space to receive treatment, rather than tying up our corrections system that also has the potential for users to endanger themselves and others. Previously, I called for a meth task force to provide recommendations to improve programs & enforcement, proper investments for mental health care, and long-term treatment programs instead of catch and release.

The community is taking initiative to respond to the rise in crime. For example, the St Boniface Street Links is teaming up with the Norwood Grove BIZ to expand its regular bike patrols. The bike patrol travels to parks and recreational spaces along the Red & Seine Rivers to connect folks living outside with the social services available to them. The patrols also work with local business to identify their safety concerns.

Street Links is recruiting new riders to join the St. Boniface Street Links Ambassador team. Volunteers much be 18 or over and have a cellphone. Those interested in joining the bike patrol as an ambassador can call 204-615-5557 or visit Street Links at 311 Provencher Blvd.

Another idea that has been discussed is the formation of a Neighbourhood Watch group. The Neighbourhood Watch program is designed to reduce break & enters and other property crimes in your community. By designating a block captain, the captain would receive crime notifications & other information from police to therefore distribute to members of the community. For those interested in forming a Neighbourhood Watch group, please get in touch with Winnipeg Police at 204-986-6322.

Winnipeg Police continues to encourage the community to continue reporting all crimes to them. This assists them with determining where their resources are best allocated.

I'd like to hear from you on what you would like to see happen to address the increase in crime. Please contact my office at or 204-792-8806.


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